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Mass Planting: Best Plants for Specimen Beds, and How to Design Them

Introduction Have you ever wondered how to achieve a harmonious and visually impactful garden with minimal maintenance? In this article, we’ll delve into the concept of mass planting, exploring its definition and providing expert advice on designing effective mass planting schemes. Whether you are an experienced home gardener, landscape architect, designer, or a council decision-maker, […]

Designing Safe Playgrounds: Safe Plant Choices

Introduction For landscape architects and designers working on playground projects, selecting safe plants is paramount. Some plants have toxic parts, spikes that can cause injury, and flowers that attract European honeybees which can easily sting children playing. This guide outlines key considerations for choosing plants that ensure children can play safely, and provides a selection […]

What are the growing conditions for a bottlebrush plant?

Have you ever marvelled at the vibrant colours of a bottlebrush plant and wondered what it takes to bring such beauty to your own garden? The bottlebrush plant, with its distinctive, brush-like flowers, is a favourite among NZ gardeners for adding a splash of colour to landscapes. However, achieving that enviable vibrance requires an understanding […]

The Essential Guide to Mulching: Ensuring Success in Landscape Planting

Mulching plays a pivotal role in landscape planting, significantly enhancing both the health and aesthetics of mass planting landscapes. However, it’s crucial to choose the right type, and apply it correctly to avoid the risk of failure and potential environmental harm. This guide explores the various types of mulches, their purposes, and the importance of […]

Which Shrubs and Hedges Survive Flooding and Wet Feet in NZ

Are you struggling to find shrubs and hedges that can withstand flooding and wet conditions in your New Zealand garden? Choosing resilient plants can save a fortune in constructing landscape drainage, or even worse, replacing established plants that die one year when the flooding is a bit more extreme than usual. Understanding Flood-Tolerant Plants Flood-tolerant […]

Drought tolerant plants for NZ

Are you facing challenges in discovering shrubs and hedges that can endure dry spells in your New Zealand garden? Opting for hardy plants can lead to significant savings in irrigation setups, or worse, replacing mature plants that succumb to severe drought conditions unexpectedly. Top Drought-Tolerant Plant Options in New Zealand The plant selections below have […]

Nandina Varieties That Thrive In New Zealand

Are you looking to add vibrant foliage and a hedge effect with a natural shape to your garden landscape in New Zealand? In this guide, we’ll explore two Nandina varieties that excel in the unique climates of NZ, providing valuable insights for experienced home gardeners, landscape architects, and professional landscapers. Choosing the Right Nandina Variety […]

Fast-Growing Hedge for NZ: Dense Fence Viburnum

Are you in need of a swift solution for creating hedges that marry practicality with beauty? Let’s explore the potential of Dense Fence™ Viburnum odoratissimum as a rapid-growing dense hedge option for gardens in New Zealand. Introducing Dense Fence™ Viburnum odoratissimum Dense Fence Viburnum is ideal for creating privacy screens. It stands out from the common form […]

4 Plants to Make Small Landscapes Appear Larger in NZ

Introduction Have you ever wondered how to make your small garden space in New Zealand look larger and more inviting without a complete overhaul? The right plant palette can do wonders for creating the illusion of a larger space. This article delves into the art of using specific plant selections to enhance the perception of […]

Autumn Colour in NZ Gardens with Long-Flowering Azaleas

Introduction Are you looking for a way to add colour to your NZ garden? In this article, we’ll discuss some of the best flowering azaleas that will fit the bill nicely, with spectacular blooms for much of the year, including during autumn. Choosing the Right Azaleas for Your Garden Azalea Varieties Suited to New Zealand’s […]

Which Liriopes Work in NZ?

Are you looking for some seasonal colour, and a ground cover or border plant that thrives in just about any conditions you throw it into? New Zealand’s varied climates can be tricky for some exotic plants to thrive in. There are two liriopes that truly stand out for their resilience and beauty under the challenging […]

5 Coastal Plants to Use in NZ Landscapes

5 Coastal Plants to Use in NZ Landscapes: Thriving Amidst the Salt and Breeze Introduction Coastal gardens in New Zealand pose a unique set of challenges for landscaping enthusiasts. The combination of salty breezes, sandy soil, and strong winds can be harsh on many plants. However, with the right selection, it’s possible to create a […]

Ground Covers for Your Front Yard: Landscape Design Tips in NZ

I. Introduction Ever wondered how to transform your front yard into a lush, low-maintenance landscape? The secret may lie in selecting the right ground covers, which are much more exciting than boring, old mulch. Ground-covering plants offer a wealth of benefits, from enhancing aesthetic appeal to improving soil health. This article will provide practical tips […]

Should I Grow Westringia In New Zealand?

Introduction Welcome to our exploration of a plant genus that has captivated many garden enthusiasts and landscape professionals alike – Westringia. This article aims to delve into the world of Westringia, its unique characteristics, and whether it’s a good fit for New Zealand’s gardens and landscapes. About Westringia Origin and Distribution Westringia is a genus […]

Should I Grow Callistemon In New Zealand?

Welcome to our comprehensive guide on growing Callistemon, or the bottlebrush plant, in New Zealand. This article is designed for experienced home gardeners, landscape architects, council decision-makers, and professional landscape experts looking to diversify their plant selection. We will delve into the unique characteristics of the Callistemon genus, and discuss its suitability for different New […]

Grevilleas in New Zealand: A Touch of Exotic Beauty to Your Garden

Grevilleas, native to Australia, offer an exotic appeal and unique beauty to New Zealand gardens. In this article, we delve into the intriguing world of grevilleas, their characteristics, nutritional needs, and how breeding has made it possible for them to thrive in New Zealand. We aim to provide valuable information for experienced home gardeners, landscape […]

Callistemons in New Zealand: An Aussie Native in Kiwi Country

Introduction Among the myriad of Australian flora that carry an exotic allure, the callistemon, also known as the bottlebrush plant, stands out with its distinctive fuzzy flowers. This guide aims to provide a detailed understanding of callistemons, their ability to withstand New Zealand conditions, and their care requirements. With its tall, columnar growth habit and […]

Perennial Plants in New Zealand: A Guide for Home Gardeners and Landscape Experts

Ever wondered how some gardens manage to maintain their vibrant allure throughout the year? The answer could lie in the strategic use of perennial plants. This comprehensive guide will provide an understanding of perennial plants, their numerous benefits, and a highlight of popular perennial plants in New Zealand. We’ll also share tips on cultivating these […]

Low Maintenance Plants New Zealand

Are you in search of plants that can thrive with minimal care, yet add a touch of greenery and beauty to your garden or landscape? Whether you’re a seasoned home gardener or a professional landscape expert, low maintenance plants can be a game-changer. They save time, require less effort, and are often more resilient to […]

Climbing Plants in New Zealand: An In-depth Look

Climbing plants, as their name suggests, are plants that naturally grow upwards, using different structures such as walls, fences, trellises, and trees for support. Characterised by their flexible stems and tendrils, these plants have a unique ability to add vertical interest to both indoor and outdoor spaces. Understanding Climbing Plants Climbing plants adopt a unique […]

Best Hedge Plants in New Zealand

Are you an avid gardener or landscaping professional looking to breathe life into a NZ garden with a vibrant, living hedge? Perhaps you’re seeking privacy, wind protection, border definition, visual lines, or simply the aesthetic charm that only a lush green barrier can provide. If so, you’ve come to the right place. In this article, […]

A Guide to Outdoor Pot Plants

Welcome to our comprehensive guide on outdoor pot plants. This blog post is dedicated to exploring the world of outdoor pot plants, a versatile and exciting area of gardening that can transform both home gardens and professional landscapes. Outdoor pot plants aren’t just about bringing greenery to your patio or balcony, they offer a myriad […]


Ever wondered about the vast world of plants and their intricate relationships with our ecosystem and well-being? This comprehensive guide will dive deep into the fascinating kingdom of plants, exploring their types, ecology, and impact on our health and wellness. The Four Types of Plants From the humble mosses in your backyard to the shrubs […]

Pot Plants New Zealand

Introduction to Pot Plants in New Zealand New Zealand’s unique climate and diverse flora have made it a haven for potted plants. Whether you’re an experienced home gardener, landscape architect, council decision-maker, or professional landscape expert, this article will provide you with comprehensive insights into pot plants in New Zealand. Learn about choosing the right […]

Landscape Supplies in New Zealand: A Guide for Professionals and Home Gardeners

Are you a professional landscaper looking to source the best materials for your next project? Or perhaps you’re an experienced home gardener keen on improving the aesthetics of your outdoor space? Maybe you’re a council decision-maker seeking sustainable, high-quality landscape supplies? If so, you’ve come to the right place. Securing quality landscape supplies is crucial […]

Landscape Design New Zealand

Landscape design is an artful discipline that combines nature and culture, creating stunning outdoor spaces that are not only aesthetically pleasing but also functional. It’s a vital part of home improvement in New Zealand, offering homeowners the opportunity to transform their outdoor environment into a sanctuary that reflects their personal style and complements the architectural […]

Hanging Plants New Zealand

Crafting DIY Hanging Planters Creating your own hanging planters provides an easy opportunity to express your creativity. Traditional macramé holders with ceramic pots are always charming, but don’t shy away from more innovative ideas. For instance, you could upcycle old birdcages, ladders, or even colanders into unique hanging planters. Integrating Hanging Plants into Landscape Design […]

Flowering Hedges NZ

Are you seeking flowering hedges that not only enhance the beauty of your garden but also support biodiversity? New Zealand is home to a plethora of flowering hedge plants, each uniquely suited to diverse climates and soil types. Choosing the Right Flowering Hedge Plants Selecting the right plants can significantly impact the overall aesthetic and […]

Best Small Hedges New Zealand

Are you looking to add structure and beauty to your garden? Small hedges might be the perfect solution! Small hedges not only add aesthetic appeal but also provide a practical function such as creating privacy or marking boundaries. They’re easy to maintain and can be used in a number of different ways. Understanding Small Hedges: […]

Landscaping Ideas for NZ Gardens: Epic Front & Back Yards

Ever wondered how to transform your garden into a personal paradise? Interested in creating an epic landscape that will leave your neighbours green with envy? In this article, we will explore the art of garden landscaping, uncovering its principles, and sharing some creative ideas for your own garden. Get ready to dig deep into the […]

Ground Cover Plants New Zealand: Garden Landscaping Lower Layer

Are you interested in ground covers for your garden landscape? In this article, we’ll discuss why your garden needs ground covers, why you need them, and what some of the best groundcovering plants are that will thrive throughout New Zealand. Understanding Ground Cover Plants Ground cover plants are low-growing plants that spread across the ground, […]

Buy Plants New Zealand: Best Nurseries & Plants

Are you looking to buy plants in New Zealand? If so, you’ve come to the right place. This article is your guide to choosing the best nursery, finding the perfect plants to suit your needs, and discovering the best places to buy them in NZ. Whether you’re an experienced home gardener or a professional landscape […]

The Good, The Bad and The Ugly Of Mulch

The incorrect use of mulch in landscape plantings is causing many mass planting landscapes to fail, and is inflicting major environmental damage, by spreading disease and weed problems. Unknown to many, there are two major categories of mulch. Ground cover mulch, used to cover the ground generally at 50mm to 100mm thick, and soil conditioner […]

How to make your own vertical garden?

Learn how to make your own vertical garden with water wise plants such as Lomandra TANIKA™, Dianella LITTLE JESS™ and Dianella BLUE TWIST™ (Referred to as Utopia in Australia and in this video). Watch this video…

Chemicals and Fertilisers

(information based on Australian research, products and results may differ in New Zealand) By Todd Layt I have contacted various companies and asked for information regarding new and old favourite chemicals, fertilisers, wetting agents and other lawn and garden consumables. Interestingly, there seems to be a real growth in combination products, such as fertiliser-chemical combos, […]

Garden Care Products – Fertilisers, Plant Tonics and Trace Elements

Most gardeners are familiar with the need to fertilise but significant confusion exists with regard to which product to use and when. The requirement for fertiliser will vary with your soil type and condition, and with the type of plants being grown. In general plants which are being pruned (hedges or lawns) or harvested (vegetables […]

Shara™ – It’s one tough Lomandra through drought and flood!

Shara™ Lomandra longifolia subsp. exilis ‘ABU7’ PVR continues to prove its toughness and versatility. As you might already know our primary focus here at Ozbreed is breeding and research, aiming to produce the toughest and most tolerate plants on the market. We carry out many trials and tests prior to plants becoming available and even continue to test […]

Ozbreed’s New Star – Evergreen Baby™ Lomandra

Meet Ozbreed’s New Star – Evergreen Baby™ Lomandra. In multiple Australian trials, Evergreen Baby™ Lomandra longifolia subsp. exilis ‘LM600’ PVR has been at the top of landscape performance, with a low height that meets most modern-day line of site parameters. The Evergreen Baby™ plant is unique. It is the only low growing Lomandra that has shown in replicated trials to better withstand all these […]

Green Life for Bio-retention swales and basins

Summary Guide to Successful planting of Bio-retention swales and basins: Here we have a more in depth and detailed look at green life for bio-rentention swales and basins. In recent years the lack of space for wetlands to clean water prior to outflow to stormwater, and the increase in hard surfaces, has seen the use […]