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Landscape Supplies in New Zealand

Landscape Supplies in New Zealand: A Guide for Professionals and Home Gardeners

Are you a professional landscaper looking to source the best materials for your next project? Or perhaps you’re an experienced home gardener keen on improving the aesthetics of your outdoor space? Maybe you’re a council decision-maker seeking sustainable, high-quality landscape supplies?

If so, you’ve come to the right place. Securing quality landscape supplies is crucial in enhancing the beauty, functionality, and sustainability of outdoor spaces.

In this article, we’ll delve into the world of landscape supplies in New Zealand, exploring quality supply companies.

Whether you’re a commercial operation or just trying to find supplies for your home garden, this article will help you.

Landscape Supplies in New Zealand

Choosing Quality Landscape Supplies in NZ

When it comes to landscaping, the quality of your materials can significantly impact the outcome of your project. Whether you’re selecting plants, soil, potting mix, mulch, or pavers, several factors need consideration.

Firstly, consider the suitability of the material for your specific project. For instance, some plants may be better suited to your local climate and soil conditions than others. Similarly, certain types of mulch or soil may be more beneficial for your chosen plants.

Secondly, think about the sustainability of the materials. Are they locally sourced? Are they produced in an environmentally friendly manner? These considerations not only benefit the environment but can also contribute to the health and longevity of your landscape.

Lastly, don’t overlook the aesthetic aspect. Choose materials that will complement each other and create a harmonious look and feel in your landscape.

Landscape Supply Companies in NZ

New Zealand boasts a range of landscape supply businesses, each with unique offerings and catering to different market segments. For the sake of clarity, we’ve divided these suppliers into wholesalers and retailers.


Wholesale suppliers typically cater to professional landscapers, local councils, and other businesses. They usually offer supplies in large quantities. Some notable wholesale landscape suppliers in New Zealand include:

  1. Auckland Plant Market: This wholesaler offers a vast selection of native and exotic plants. Their extensive range ensures landscapers can find exactly what they need for any project.
  2. Cavalier Nurseries: Specialising in growing and supplying high-quality trees and shrubs, Cavalier Nurseries are known for their robust and healthy plants.
  3. Harrison’s Gardenworld: As a wholesale supplier, Harrison’s Gardenworld provides a comprehensive range of gardening supplies, from plants to garden accessories.
  4. Advance Landscape Systems: Advance Landscape Systems is a specialist supplier to the New Zealand landscaping & revegetation industry offering a range of quality products to businesses and professional landscapers.
  5. Landscape Supply Co: Based in Te Awamutu, Landscape Supply Co is a premium Landscaping Shop catering to professional landscapers, offering a wide range of premium landscaping products.


Retail landscape suppliers cater to the general public and offer smaller quantities of materials. They’re ideal for experienced home gardeners and professional landscapers looking for quality supplies for smaller projects. Notable retail landscape suppliers in New Zealand include:

  1. Amazing Flora: This retailer offers an impressive range of plants, including unique and hard-to-find species.
  2. GardenPost: GardenPost is well-regarded for its expansive online catalogue of garden supplies, providing convenience for home gardeners all over New Zealand.
  3. Palmers Garden Centre: With multiple locations across the country, Palmers Garden Centre offers a diverse range of garden supplies and is known for its knowledgeable and friendly staff.
  4. NZLS Landscape And Garden Supplies: NZLS is a one-stop landscaping shop for landscape tradies and Do-it-yourselfers. They offer a wide range of landscape materials and tools, catering to both landscape professionals and the general public.
  5. Auckland Landscape Supplies: This supplier offers a variety of landscaping products to the general public, including bark, stones & pebbles, chip & fill, mulch, metals, logs & sleepers, growing mixes, sand.
  6. Central Landscapes: Central Landscapes provides garden mulch, soil, and landscaping supplies, bagged and in bulk, along with expert advice and support to home gardeners throughout the Auckland region.
  7. Citi Landscape Supplies: Citi Landscape Supplies is a family-owned business based in Henderson, Auckland. They started as a concrete paver manufacturing company and now offer a variety of landscaping supplies to the general public.
  8. Complete Landscape Supplies: Complete Landscape Supplies specialises in providing high-quality, proven gardening and landscaping products to home gardeners from their location at 16 Wickham St, Frankton.
  9. The Landscape Yard: The Landscape Yard are bulk suppliers of all your landscaping needs. They deliver Auckland Wide 7 days a week. They supply Soils, Barks & Mulches, Sands, Scoria, Aggregates, Hire and cater to the general public.

Young Plants Suppliers

For those interested in cultivating plants from their early stages, there are suppliers that specialise in young plants. These companies offer plants that are ideal for nurturing in a controlled environment and later transplanting to a larger landscape. A notable supplier of young plants in New Zealand is:

  1. Growing Spectrum: Growing Spectrum offers a wide range of young plants, including both native and exotic species. Their plants are known for their high quality and excellent growth potential.
  2. Choosing the right supplies is the difference between success and failure in the built landscape. Choose wisely!
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Whether you’re a professional landscaper, an experienced home gardener, or a council decision-maker, choosing high-quality, sustainable materials is key to creating beautiful, resilient, and environmentally friendly landscapes. We encourage you to explore the diverse range of landscape supplies available in New Zealand and contribute to the growth and sustainability of our beautiful country’s landscapes.