Landscape Design Tips in NZ

Ground Covers for Your Front Yard: Landscape Design Tips in NZ

I. Introduction Ever wondered how to transform your front yard into a lush, low-maintenance landscape? The secret may lie in selecting the right ground covers, which are much more exciting than boring, old mulch. Ground-covering plants offer a wealth of benefits, from enhancing aesthetic appeal to improving soil health. This article will provide practical tips […]

Perennial Plants New Zealand

Perennial Plants in New Zealand: A Guide for Home Gardeners and Landscape Experts

Ever wondered how some gardens manage to maintain their vibrant allure throughout the year? The answer could lie in the strategic use of perennial plants. This comprehensive guide will provide an understanding of perennial plants, their numerous benefits, and a highlight of popular perennial plants in New Zealand. We’ll also share tips on cultivating these […]

Landscape Supplies in New Zealand

Landscape Supplies in New Zealand: A Guide for Professionals and Home Gardeners

Are you a professional landscaper looking to source the best materials for your next project? Or perhaps you’re an experienced home gardener keen on improving the aesthetics of your outdoor space? Maybe you’re a council decision-maker seeking sustainable, high-quality landscape supplies? If so, you’ve come to the right place. Securing quality landscape supplies is crucial […]

Landscape Design New Zealand

Landscape Design New Zealand

Landscape design is an artful discipline that combines nature and culture, creating stunning outdoor spaces that are not only aesthetically pleasing but also functional. It’s a vital part of home improvement in New Zealand, offering homeowners the opportunity to transform their outdoor environment into a sanctuary that reflects their personal style and complements the architectural […]

The Good, The Bad and The Ugly Of Mulch

The incorrect use of mulch in landscape plantings is causing many mass planting landscapes to fail, and is inflicting major environmental damage, by spreading disease and weed problems. Unknown to many, there are two major categories of mulch. Ground cover mulch, used to cover the ground generally at 50mm to 100mm thick, and soil conditioner […]

evergreen baby

Ozbreed’s New Star – Evergreen Baby™ Lomandra

Meet Ozbreed’s New Star – Evergreen Baby™ Lomandra. In multiple Australian trials, Evergreen Baby™ Lomandra longifolia subsp. exilis ‘LM600’ PVR has been at the top of landscape performance, with a low height that meets most modern-day line of site parameters. The Evergreen Baby™ plant is unique. It is the only low growing Lomandra that has shown in replicated trials to better withstand all these […]