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Frequently asked gardening questions

The Ozbreed website contains a wealth of information on landscape gardening and plant breeding. Below you’ll find a list of frequently asked gardening questions. Can’t find what you’re looking for? Try the search function at the top right of the page.

Ozbreed plants are available at most good retail nurseries. Not all nurseries will have every Ozbreed plant available, get in contact with your local nursery or wholesaler to find out the best place to buy from.

For a list of retail and wholesale suppliers check out our Where to Buy pages.

The majority of Ozbreed Ranges can now be purchased as tube stock from a growers. Visit the where to buy pages to find a grower.

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Shade tolerance trials of Ozbreed plants were conducted to determine which would perform best in shady environments.

Excellent shade tolerance (full shade)
These Liriopes and Dianella can handle heavily shaded positions.

Great shade tolerance (up to 70% shade)
These various plants work well in up to 70% shade.

Ozbreed have extensively trialed a selection of plants on our green walls. For a successful green wall irrigation is key and it’s best to group plants that can handle the same amount of water together.

Our recommendations for green wall plants include Shara™ Lomandra, Amethyst™ Liriope and Blush™ Nandina.

For the full results of the trial and a complete list of suitable options see Recommended Green Wall Plants. You might also want to check out our articles ‘How to make your own vertical garden‘ and ‘Does a green wall count as green space?

Ozbreed have a range of plants to address all of your screening needs. Slim™ Callistemon is great for screening in narrow spaces, Dense Fence™ Viburnum is a dense screening hedge with subtle red new growth, and Naringa™ is a thick compact screening Westringia.

This depends on the plant variety, but a general guide of the sizes can be found on each plant page.

Slow release fertiliser is the best option for both plants and turf.

The following articles include information on the different options and how to choose the best fertiliser:

We don’t sell mulch at Ozbreed, you’ll need to visit your local landscaping supply business. To find out which type is best check out The Good, Bad and Ugly of Mulch.

A product such as Yates Gypsum Clay Breaker is a soil conditioner for improving the structure of compacted clay soil. This product allows water to better penetrate the soil and increases aeration.