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Liriopes NZ

Which Liriopes Work in NZ?

Are you looking for some seasonal colour, and a ground cover or border plant that thrives in just about any conditions you throw it into?

New Zealand’s varied climates can be tricky for some exotic plants to thrive in. There are two liriopes that truly stand out for their resilience and beauty under the challenging conditions of NZ landscapes such as poor soils, drainage issues, and frost.

The two cultivars we’ll explore in this article work in most gardens from the north island down to the south, including coastal gardens. They’re both drought-tolerant, resistant to flooding once established, burn less in NZ frosts, and work perfectly along borders, in mass plantings, and as a ground cover beneath trees in both full sunlight and in shade.

Just Right™ Liriope muscari

Description and Features:

  • Just Right™ Liriope is a compact, clumping grass-like plant.
    • It has a uniform growth habit, reaching a size of approximately 45-50cm in height and width.
    • Characterised by rich green foliage, it is less prone to browning in winter compared to other varieties like Evergreen Giant.
    • Produces small white to pale mauve flowers, followed by non-viable seeds, minimising the risk of unwanted weeds spreading.
    • Noted for its resilience in both frost and full sun conditions; more tolerant of wet feet than many other Liriope varieties.

Ideal Uses:

  • Suitable for a wide range of applications including mass plantings, container planting, borders, and as a ground cover.
    • Its adaptability makes it an excellent choice for urban landscapes, including roadsides and median strips.

Care and Maintenance:

  • Thrives in a variety of soil types from sandy to clay.
    • Prefers locations with full sun to light or heavy shade.
    • Requires regular watering until established and benefits from mulching and occasional fertilising.
    • Pruning generally isn’t necessary but can be done to maintain desired shape and size.

Introducing Just Right Liriope.

Liriope New Zealand

Amethyst™ Liriope muscari

Description and Features:

  • Amethyst™ Liriope stands out with its stunning deep purple flowers, which are larger and more prolific than those of many other Liriope varieties.
    • The plant forms a dense clump of glossy, dark green foliage, reaching up to 40-50cm in height and width.
    • It is highly adaptable, showing resilience to dry conditions and tolerance to frost, making it a versatile choice for different landscape settings.
    • Its flowering season adds a vibrant splash of colour to gardens and landscapes.

Ideal Uses:

  • Perfect for use in ornamental gardens, borders, and as a ground cover.
    • Its striking flowers make it a focal point in container planting and mass plantings.
    • Like Just Right™ Liriope, it is well-suited for urban environments, offering both aesthetic appeal and low maintenance.

Care and Maintenance:

  • Grows well in a range of soil types, preferring a position in full sun to part shade.
    • Benefits from regular watering until established, with reduced needs once mature.
    • Mulching and annual feeding will encourage optimal growth and flowering.
    • Can be trimmed back if necessary, particularly in late winter or early spring to maintain vigour.

Introducing Amethyst Liriope

Liriope NZ


Both Just Right™ and Amethyst™ Liriope cultivars are beloved for their durability, low maintenance, and distinctive aesthetic qualities, making them popular choices among professionals and home gardeners in New Zealand for enhancing urban and residential landscapes.

If you’re in need of a low-mow lawn, something to plant along borders and pathways, or simply hoping to fill a large space with mass planting, these two liriopes will fit the bill perfectly.

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