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Chemicals and Fertilisers

(information based on Australian research, products and results may differ in New Zealand)

By Todd Layt

I have contacted various companies and asked for information regarding new and old favourite chemicals, fertilisers, wetting agents and other lawn and garden consumables. Interestingly, there seems to be a real growth in combination products, such as fertiliser-chemical combos, or fertiliser-wetting agent combos, and other. Following is a summary of the information. To find out detailed information about the products, contact the various suppliers, or look at their web sites. Read the label, and always follow that information when using these products.

New products


Prolan – An herbicide for the long-term pre-emergent control of many weeds in amenity plantings, nurseries and garden beds. It can be sprayed over desirable ornamental species without any phytotoxic effect and provides residual control of weeds for up to 8 months. Visit Nuturf for more information.

Arsenal Xpress – A pre + post emergent herbicide giving long residual control (up to 6 months) of various annual and perennial weeds around buildings, commercial, industrial and public service areas, right of way and waste land, away from non-target turf and vegetation. Visit Nuturf for more information.

Destiny – Active Constituent 100g/kg Idosulfuron-Methyl-Sodium
Post emergent control of Onion weed, White Clover, Ryegrass, and Guildford Grass (Onion Grass) in kikuyu and couch. Visit Globeaustralia for more information.

Monument – Active Constituent 750gm/kg Trifoxysulfuron Sodium- Granule
Control of Wintergrass, Ryegrass, Clover, Burr Medic and Nutgrass in couch, and also kikuyu suppression. Visit Globeaustralia for more information.

Spearhead – Active Constituent 20g/L Clopyralid,15g/L Diflufenican, 300g/L MCPA- Liquid. Effective broadleaf control in most turf species, including SOME Buffalo varieties. Visit Globeaustralia for more information.

Coliseum Herbicide – the new solution for Winter grass control.
Registered for the control of Winter grass (Poa annua) in Couch. Visit Turf Culture for more information.


Brigade Granules – Active C: Bifenthrin; Easy application being a granule, giving a broad spectrum of insect control. Visit Globeaustralia for more information.

Merit Turf – Active C: 200g/L Imadacloprid- This liquid is excellent for Landscapers and landscape managers. There is both a turf and ornamental use on the label. Visit Globeaustralia for more information.

Brigade T&O – A low odour liquid, cost effective control for a huge range of insects in the turf and ornamental market. Brigade T&O is in a suspension concentrate formulation with no harsh solvents, thereby providing excellent safety on all desirable plant species. Visit Nuturf for more information.


Scotts® Landscaper PRO – Lawn Builder™ Regular 8kg Feed & Forget – No Need to Water In. One application provides season long healthier and greener lawns. It feeds continuously without a surge growth and being slow release, it is safer for the environment, with minimal leaching. Also available in 20kg. Visit Scottsasiapacific for more information.

Scotts® Landscaper PRO – Lawn Builder™ New Lawns & Repairs 8kg Feed & Forget – Starter Formula. This product has been specially formulated for newly established lawns. Its Buffered Nitrogen won’t harm tender young grass plants or new turf. It has Ideal Phosphorus levels to encourage strong root development. Visit Scottsasiapacific for more information.

Scotts® Landscaper PRO – Osmocote® All Garden Fertiliser 10kg Controlled Release Fertiliser, feeding for 6 months. This is a multi-purpose fertiliser for planting out of trees, shrubs and bedding plants. It is low in phosphorus so it is suitable for Australian natives, and has added Iron (Fe) for good leaf colour. Visit Scottsasiapacific for more information.

Sierraform GT – Its unique dual effect combines both slow-release nitrogen and slow-release potassium. The strength of slow-release potassium is that it’s released throughout the effective period, whenever the grass plant needs it. Leaf analysis has shown a significant difference between Sierraform GT and fertilisers that do not contain slow-release potassium. The result is a stronger grass plant that’s more resistant to cold, heat, drought and intensive wear – all year round. Visit Scottsasiapacific for more information.

NutriSmart – NutriSmart is an organic (BFA certified) crop nutrition technology that can dramatically reduce the need for chemical fertiliser through increasing fertiliser use efficiency. NutriSmart is able to fix Nitrogen from the atmosphere and unlock reserves of Potassium and Phosphorus in the soil. Plants and turf grown with NutriSmart are generally healthier and establish quicker than plants grown using chemical fertilisers. Visit Paton for more information.

Ammo N – Ammo N is a liquid form of the fertiliser Ammonium Nitrate without the licensing restrictions of the granular product. Ammonium Nitrate is the premium source of Nitrogen as it provides both quick release and longer lasting release. Available in 20L. Visit Paton for more information.

Combination products

TX10 – TX 10 is a multi-source organic fertiliser consisting of 10 key components to soil fertility. The main constituents include stable humus, seaweed extract, vegetable extract, and proteins, which are all used to increase cation exchange capacity and better utilise applied nutrients without clogging pore spaces. The addition of a wetting agent helps reduce soil hydrophobicity. Visit Nuturf for more information.

Smart Start – Smart Start is a unique formulation which provides the best possible start for tress, potted plants and turf. The formulation consists of proven eco-fertilisers (Nutrismart) organic complex, + Methylene Urea and water storage crystals (Aquasorb). Smart Start is an ideal pre-planting / transplanting supplement for plants and turf. Once incorporated into the soil and irrigated, it immediately goes to work by holding water and nutrients in the root zone for optimal absorption, enhancing establishment and growth. Visit Nuturf for more information.


Ronstar Plus Starter – A combination of pre-emergence herbicide for the control of crowsfoot, summergrass, wintergrass, and creeping oxalis, and a starter fertiliser with a suitable N:P:K balance to enhance turf establishment, from sprigging and turf recovery following renovation or dormancy. Visit Nuturf for more information.

Scotts® Landscaper PRO –Hydraflo®2 Soil Wetting Agent 8kg Concentrated Formula – Low Application Rates. Hydraflo2 helps water and nutrients to penetrate deeply and reduces water run-off, whilst increasing water retention without decreasing air filled porosity. It also facilitates drainage from wet areas and promotes deeper root growth so that less water is needed, and best of all it is safe for use on all ornamental plants including turfgrasses.

Oxa pro – Active C: Controlled NPK fertiliser + Oxadiazon for pre-emergent weed control. Visit Globeaustralia for more information.

Pendi Pro – Active C: Economical NPK fertiliser + Pendimethalin for pre-emergent weed control. Visit Globeaustralia for more information.

Wetting Agents

Stamina Rescue – for fast curative ability, Stamina Rescue provides a unique and ultra fast delivery system, which has proven to rewet hard to wet areas. Visit Nuturf for more information.

Stamina G – long term granular wetting agent which can provide continuous moisture management and re-wetting for up to 3 months. Stamina G is an easy to spread granular formulation which is ideal for use in turf and ornamental situations. Visit Nuturf for more information.

Aquaturf Liquid or Granules wetting agent that is ideal for; increasing infiltration without harming delicate turf roots, and creating an even wetting to maximise irrigation efficiency. They improving water holding to prevent dry patch for longer and reduce leachate of valuable organic substances, as well as draining wet soils to return air to pore spaces. Visit KBAdams or Living Turf for more information.

Aquaturf Forte Granules have the same benefits as Aquaturf with added water holding capabilities with the addition of SUSTAINgold, for extra water retention. Visit KBAdams or Living Turf for more information.

Restore Granules – Slow release wetting agent granules, which are excellent for landscape use. Gives control of water repellence problems in soil. Visit Globeaustralia for more information.

Dispatch – Dispatch is an excellent liquid wetting agent which can be left on the turf without irrigation, with no burn potential. Visit Globeaustralia for more information.

Old favourites


Country 360 Aquatic glyphosate herbicide – available in 5 and 20 L. Amidst a global glyphosate shortage, Nuturf Australia has good supply of Country 360 glyphosate which is aquatically registered and will provide excellent non-selective control of all unwanted weeds. Visit Nuturf for more information.

Millennium – existing product – A broadleaf weed herbicide that delivers outstanding efficacy from three powerful systemic active ingredients that combines rapid response and overall effectiveness. Also presents significant safety improvements over other products, including a non-ester formulation, outstanding turf safety and low poison scheduling. Visit Nuturf for more information.

Sierraron® G – Pre and Post emergent herbicide for use on landscape perimeters only. Apply to a weed free surface to ensure best results by preventing growth. Young, germinating weeds are killed. DO NOT apply within 4 weeks of transplanting. DO NOT apply to annual beds. DO NOT apply to lawns and turf you do not want to kill. There are more DO NOTS so read the label carefully. Visit Scottsasiapacific for more information.

Methar Tri-Kombi – Herbicide containing three actives to selectively control a large range of broadleaf weeds in turf areas, ( not to be used on buffalo). Weeds controlled: Clovers, creeping oxalis, pearlwort, chickweed, mouse-eared chickweed, lambs tongue, dandelion, catsear, fat hen, mallow, staggerweeds fumitory, bindii, cobblers peg, wireweed. Visit KBAdams or Living Turf for more information.

Ronstar G – Active Constituent 20g/kg Oxadiazon- Granule
Pre-emergent control of Crowsfoot, Wintergrass, Creeping Oxalis and Summergrass in warm season turf. Visit Globeaustralia for more information.

Poa Pro – Active Constituent 500g/L Propyzamide- Liquid. Selective Control of Wintergrass in couch. Visit Globeaustralia for more information.


MaxGuard® 2G Granular Insecticide – Apply when immediate control of problem insects is required. Controls the following target pests: Lawn armyworm; Sod webworm; Cutworm; Argentine stem weevil adults; African black beetle adults; Billbug adults; Ants including Stinging ants. Also available in combination with slow release fertiliser – MaxGuard NPK. Visit Scottsasiapacific for more information.

Procide® Contact Insecticide/Miticide – Apply Procide as a preventative treatment when applied at regular intervals or as a knockdown treatment to control existing pests. Procide is safe to apply to plant foliage with minimal risk of burning. It controls the following target pests: Two Spotted mite; Aphids, Whitefly; Caterpillars & loopers, Mealy bug; Plague thrips and Cutworm.

Crown® Systemic Insecticide – Crown is totally systemic and also acts on contact with target pests. Crown is relatively safe on most beneficial insects – 300x less toxic to bees via contact and 2000x less toxic via oral than its closest competitor. Controls the following target pests: Rose aphid, Whitefly, Citrus mealy bug, Azalea lace bug, Greenhouse thrips, Plague thrips, Lilly Pilly psyllids, Scale insects, Leafhoppers, Fungus gnat, Shore fly. Visit Scottsasiapacific for more information.


Poly Plus 24-2-9 – A balanced N:P:K fertiliser with controlled release nitrogen, providing initial green-up without surge growth. Visit Nuturf for more information.

Agriform®Planting Tablets – Agriform planting tablets supply all of the major nutrients needed by most plants for up to 12 months. These tablets break down slowly through the action of soil bacteria. Sierrablen® Flora is recommended for larger plants. Visit Scottsasiapacific for more information.

Garden or Large Scale – Maintenance + Planting. An 8 to 9 month slow release fertiliser with a Low P analysis for general purpose year round fertilisation of flowering trees, shrubs and borders (including Australian natives). Visit Scottsasiapacific for more information.

Scotts Sierrablen Sportsturf + Iron (25-1-8) Resin coated fertilizer slow release fertilizer that will release nutrients to turf areas for 4-5 months. Visit KBAdams or Living Turf for more information.

Scotts Super Sportsturf + Iron (27-1-3) Blend of upfront nutrients and slow release, will release nutrients for 2-3 months. Visit KBAdams or Living Turf for more information.

Paton No.17 Lawn Food – A lawn food that has been used and trusted for generations. No.17 now has an added wetting agent for increased efficiency. Visit Paton for more information.

Combination products

Ronstar Plus Starter – A combination of pre-emergence herbicide for the control of crowsfoot, summergrass, wintergrass, and creeping oxalis, and a starter fertiliser with a suitable N:P:K balance to enhance turf establishment from sprigging and turf recovery following renovation or dormancy. Visit Nuturf for more information.

Dicot® III Post-emergent Herbicide + NPK Fertiliser – This is a combined fertiliser, broard leaf weed control product for turf. Do not use on bent grass greens, buffalo grass, carpet grass or dichondra. Visit Scottsasiapacific for more information.

Other Products

Gypsum, Lime and Dolomite Granules – ideal for correcting soil deficiencies and now in an easy to spread granular formulation. Visit Nuturf for more information.

Banrot® 80G Broad Spectrum Fungicide. Incorporate directly into the growing medium or broadcast over the soil surface with a granule spreader and irrigate within several days. Controls soil borne diseases of ornamental plants, including damping off and root and stem rot diseases caused by the following fungi: Pythium, Phytophthora, Rhizoctonia and Thielaviopsis (Chalara). Visit Scottsasiapacific for more information.

I would like to thank the following people for supplying information for this article. Craig Campbell, Globe Australia Pty Ltd. Sherwin Elias, Nuturf. Carlene Khoury, Scotts Australia. Martin Yates, Paton Fertilizers. Mark Eardley, K&B Adams Pty Ltd. Warren Braybon, Turf Culture.