Information for Landscape Professionals

Information for Landscape Professionals

2020 Regional Resource Booklet Downloads

New Zealand – COMING SOON!

3D Graphics for Ozbreed Plants

Ozbreed has a large range of 3D Design Graphics for our plants. These images are royalty free to use and formatted for popular design applications. Click here.

Helpful Information when Specifying Ozbreed Plants

Warning! Plant types are continuously being substituted
Substitution of plants can ruin your design (different size, shape, texture or species). You can protect against plant substitution with a certificate of authenticity and by making sure they are a licensed Ozbreed supplier.


Minimum sizes (also available in a range of larger pot sizes):

Tubes and aboveĀ  – Ozbreed Ranges

In general, most growers have our plants available in 140mm/1.3L pots. Other common pot sizes include 200mm/5L pot, 90mm/410ml pot, 50mm/250ml landscape tube (also known as forestry, native or grow tube). Pre orders are recommended for 90mm pots.

Know Your Series Downloads

Know Your Lomandras | (2MB)

Know Your Dianellas | (4MB)

Know Your Callistemon | (4MB)

Know Your Westringia | (4MB)

Download them all here (12MB)


Make sure you have a look at out research page. It includes research on green roofs, green walls, erosion control plants, fire retardant plants and much more. Click here.

Tour of Ozbreed Plants Brochure Downloads

2012 Tour of Ozbreed’s Plants
Queensland | 1.5MB
South Australia | 2MB
Victoria | 1.5MB


2010-2011 Tour of Ozbreed’s Plants

New Zealand 2011 | 1MB
New South Wales | 1.5MB
Queensland | 1.5MB
South Australia | 1.5MB
Southern NSW, ACT and Victoria | 1MB
Western Australia | 1.5MB


2009 Tour of Ozbreed’s Plants
New South Wales | 2.5MB
Queensland and Northern NSW | 1.5MB
VIC, TAS, ACT & Southern NSW | 1.5MB