Tasred™ Dianella

Tasred™ Dianella tasmanica ‘TR20’ PVR

  • Tough, adaptable and reliable
  • Fantastic alternative to Phormium
  • Great colour contrast with changing foliage
Tasred plant
Tasred plant
Tasred plant

Tasred™ Dianella tasmanica

Description: TasredDianella will often get a red base in cold climates, or even change from green to green with reddish tinges at times. The Tasred™ plant will have extra red tones in the cooler areas of New Zealand particularly in areas with heavy frost. It has a dense tidy appearance with beautiful wide leaves and large purple berries in spring and summer, and is a great alternative to Phormium. Great erosion control capabilities strengthening the soil 215% (2007 Paananen, Layt; Study).

Size: 45cm high x 40-50cm wide.

Planting Density: 4-6 plants per m², 2-4 plants per linear metre.

Uses: Mass plantings, low water gardens, Japanese style gardens and accent planting.

Position: Full sun to heavy shade. Tolerates frost and heat. Tasred Dianella suits sandy, sandy loam and clay soils. Avoid very poor soils.

Care: Water as required for 8-13 weeks until established. Plant in a well mulched garden (chunky mulch is recommended). Ensure crown or base of plant is not below soil or mulch level. If required use slow release fertiliser in spring. Trim older leaves as required and cut back halfway every 3-7 years to encourage new growth (will look better with pruning every 3 years, this depends on your requirements).

Where it works: North & South Island

This website gives general information for the regions in New Zealand. For local information on which plants work in your area contact your local grower. Local grower knowledge is vital, this website is no substitute.

Heights shown on the website are for general gardening conditions. In well maintained gardens, some plants will get taller.

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